Slippery Words

Imagine with me that the outcome of WWII was reversed. Nazi Germany wins and extends its dark empire across the globe. But also imagine that in time the dictatorship slowly evolves into a half-way form of democracy, allowing the people to vote to install cabinet members and defense secretaries and so on. Friedrich, a promising […]

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When Unity Hurts the Church

One night, a matter of a few hours, was all that separated Christ from the brutality of the Cross. The pain of His closest friends abandoning Him, the horror of the Father’s wrath towards sin. What did Jesus do to prepare Himself, to steel His courage for Good Friday? How did He emotionally and psychologically calm Himself […]

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God’s Family: Parenting

You can listen to the sermon audio (titled “Parenting” on 6/19/16) here. Well, the irony that the only person on staff without children is the one teaching on parenting today is not lost on me. Don’t get me wrong, with how many children have been born in the last year, Hillary and I have had […]

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God’s Family: Marriage

You can listen to the audio of this sermon from 6/12/16 titled “Marriage” here. As we jump into the sermon today, let me begin with a few introductory words. First off, this passage we are looking at it probably deserves to have a couple months of sermons dedicated to it, and I don’t have that. […]

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