God’s Family: The Church

You can find the sermon audio (titled “The Church” on 6/5/16) here.   Does a Christian have to be part of a church? Can you be a Christian and not be a part of a church at all? Perhaps for some of you that answer seems obvious, and maybe others are wrestling with that. Maybe […]

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Let’s Talk: Sex

  Note: This talk was given to High School guys. Transcript “All things were created through Him and for Him.” – Col. 1:16 We host Let’s Talk every quarter because of that verse. If your view of the Bible is that it is only a helpful guide when dealing with “spiritual” things, like church, prayer, […]

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Study the Giants of Faith

Last week I wrote a blog on tips and recommendations for listening to podcasts. Today I want to continue in a similar vein of thought with continuing to look at disciplines to grow our hearts and minds for the Lord. I recently was listening to a lecture from John Piper where he remembered in seminary […]

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Let’s Talk: Social Media

  Sermon Manuscript: Welcome to our quarterly “Let’s Talk!” Let’s Talk is an event we do where we take something that is relevant in the culture or in your lives, and we examine it from a Christian worldview. A “worldview” is simply how you view the world; it is the way you interpret and understand […]

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Sola in 2016 (Col. 3:1-17)

  Notes: Last night the President got on television before the nation and delivered the State of the Union address (I’m sure you all were watching it). In it, the President gives a bit of a summary as to where the state of our nation and where we are headed. I am viewing this sermon […]

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Thinking Through Refugees

American’s are divided. In light of the recent tragedy in Paris, many conservatives (and some liberals) are calling on the president and their governors to put up road blocks to stop Syrian refugees from entering our country. The fear stems from the possibility that ISIS could plant their soldiers in the masses of refugees fleeing into […]

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