A Pillar of Truth

If you were born in a slum in India would you have the same worldview you have today? Would your definition of “right”, “wrong”, “truth”, and “beauty” be different? Would your religious beliefs be different? Most likely. But does this mean that all our beliefs about the most important things in life are merely a […]

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Can We Be Good Without God?

The late great atheist Christopher Hitchens, one of the alleged “four horseman” of the new atheism, was known for often stating that the strongest argument he knew of for the existence of a deity of some form was the fine tuning of the universe. When one examines the minute balance of temperatures, chemicals, oxygen levels, gravitational pulls, etc. […]

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The Ugly Dance

This is the first part of my transcript of my talk on the Bible and Homosexuality – you can find the audio and the other parts here. With the recent surge of LGBT activism that has swept our nation, I have seen many people interact with and dialogue about the good and the bad things that […]

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Challenging Your Faith

I spend a lot of time speaking with young people, most of whom are in college, and a conversation I have found myself having often involves them slowly putting into words unspoken doubts, questioning whether or not their faith is genuine or if Christianity is even worth believing in. I love being able to have these conversations […]

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Alone With God – C.S. Lewis

An impersonal God?  Well and good. A subjective God of beauty, truth and goodness inside our own head?  Better still. A formless life force surging through everyone – a vast power we can all tap? Best of all. But a living God – pulling at the other end of the cord approaching at infinite speed, […]

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