The Violence of the Bible

I have been virtually absent from my blog since I began seminary. Homework and studying has eaten up any leisure time I might have to write anything that isn’t for school. I have toyed around with the idea of posting some of my papers I have written on here, but have always been certain that […]

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Let’s Talk: Sex

  Note: This talk was given to High School guys. Transcript “All things were created through Him and for Him.” – Col. 1:16 We host Let’s Talk every quarter because of that verse. If your view of the Bible is that it is only a helpful guide when dealing with “spiritual” things, like church, prayer, […]

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Sola in 2016 (Col. 3:1-17)

  Notes: Last night the President got on television before the nation and delivered the State of the Union address (I’m sure you all were watching it). In it, the President gives a bit of a summary as to where the state of our nation and where we are headed. I am viewing this sermon […]

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The Bible Isn’t About You

Sometimes, when I am reading God’s Word, it feels like I am soaring through a galaxy of glory. I am being convicted of sin, seeing the sufficiency of Christ’s atonement, the comfort of the sovereignty of God, the intricate plan of redemptive history, or the power of the resurrection. The Bible seems so relevant and so […]

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