Let’s Talk: Sex

  Note: This talk was given to High School guys. Transcript “All things were created through Him and for Him.” – Col. 1:16 We host Let’s Talk every quarter because of that verse. If your view of the Bible is that it is only a helpful guide when dealing with “spiritual” things, like church, prayer, […]

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Infinite Mercy

The cross of Jesus displays the most awesome exhibition of God’s hatred of sin and at the same time the most august manifestation of his readiness to pardon it.  Pardon, full and free, is written out in every drop of blood that is seen, is proclaimed in every groan that is heard, and shines in […]

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Make a Difference

Below is the transcript of my opening keynote address at my church’s recent Engage event – the theme of the event was “Make a Difference”. My lesson was from 2 Cor. 4:1-7. Hello, friends – you are here today because you are a leader. You may be a GROW group leader, a student ministry leader, or a […]

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