Hope in the Face of Tragedy

Today we celebrated the life of Samson Charles Bidan. Here is the audio recording of my message I gave at the service. (To listen to the entire audio of the service, click here). To learn a little bit more about Samson, you can read my previous post about him and my response to the news of […]

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Goodbye, Brother

  I don’t rightly understand how to process the death of a friend. Death has always been like lightning to me; something powerful but always viewed from a distance. I’ve heard about lightning strike right next to people, but never seen it. Likewise, I’ve heard about people losing immediate family, spouses, or close friends, but […]

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Further Still

Two weeks ago my wife and I announced to our church that come this Fall, we would be leaving so that I could attend Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Last week we announced that we were also expecting our first child. Never a dull moment in the Sims house! We feel like we need […]

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