Hope in the Face of Tragedy

Today we celebrated the life of Samson Charles Bidan. Here is the audio recording of my message I gave at the service. (To listen to the entire audio of the service, click here). To learn a little bit more about Samson, you can read my previous post about him and my response to the news of […]

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Goodbye, Brother

  I don’t rightly understand how to process the death of a friend. Death has always been like lightning to me; something powerful but always viewed from a distance. I’ve heard about lightning strike right next to people, but never seen it. Likewise, I’ve heard about people losing immediate family, spouses, or close friends, but […]

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When Unity Hurts the Church

One night, a matter of a few hours, was all that separated Christ from the brutality of the Cross. The pain of His closest friends abandoning Him, the horror of the Father’s wrath towards sin. What did Jesus do to prepare Himself, to steel His courage for Good Friday? How did He emotionally and psychologically calm Himself […]

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Further Still

Two weeks ago my wife and I announced to our church that come this Fall, we would be leaving so that I could attend Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Last week we announced that we were also expecting our first child. Never a dull moment in the Sims house! We feel like we need […]

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